Polar Opposites Sports Talk w/ Matt & Craig

December 28, 2016 @ 5:08 pm

Polar Opposites is back talkin #NFLPlayoff scenarios, are the #Giants being jinxed by Craig, Todd Bowles is safe fow now and #RexRyan gets fired to the suprise of no one.  Next onto the #MLBHotStove and are the #Yankees in on Quintana and what are they willing to give up.  #Mets are still hot of McCutchen even though the talks have cooled and what are they will to give up.  #NBA or really just Matt yelling about the #Knicks and Melo, plus why does Lance Thomas still get playing time?!?  Finally Closing Time to end the show talking #MLB in England, Brian Hartline doesn't like Terrell Pryor, Cinnabon appologizes for funny #CarrieFisher tweet plus 5 more topics. 

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