Polar Opposites Sports Talk w/ Matt & Craig

December 20, 2016 @ 5:49 pm

Polar Opposites is back talkin #NFL week 15, #Giants big win over the #Lions and can their Defense continue to play great, #Jets Sheldon Richardson acts like an idiot on snapchat and the playoff picture going into week 16.  #MLB talkin Chapman killing Joe Maddon, Familia is going to get suspended but for how long and what little #MLBHotStove there is we will talk including the #Mets making a play for McCutchen.  Outside the Box our new segment about off field nonsense and world nonsense we talk Russian tv is going to air a Hunger Games type reality show.  Minnesota football players decide not to boycot their bowl game, a HS goalie saves 98 our of 110 shots and what will the #Yankees and #Mets rosters look like in 2019.  Finally it's Closing Time talking Michael Floyd's DUI affecting his free agency, Encarnacion going to the A's???, Dildo's used to stop a robbery in California plus 5 more stories.  

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