Polar Opposites Sports Talk w/ Matt & Craig

December 13, 2016 @ 5:39 pm

Polar Opposites is back talkin #Giants and #Jets both winning plus the playoff picture and a week 14 wrap up.  #MLBHotStove talking all the big trades from the winter meeting, #Yankees get Chapman, #RedSox get Sale and why the #Nationals deal wasn't good, plus a change to the rookie hazing rules.  Sweet baby Jesus we are actually talking #NHL with the "Benching" of the King in NY and is it a good move?  #NBA talking #Knicks starting to gel, Lebron is kind of a brat and should the #Nets trade Lopez to the #Celtics for their draft picks?  Finally as always it's Closing Time talking RGIII as the #Browns qb in 2017, are the #Niners the worst franchise in the #NFL and is #FisherPrice trying to get your kids fake drunk?  plus 5 more topics, enjoy kids and have a good week.

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