Polar Opposites Sports Talk w/ Matt & Craig

April 12, 2016 @ 4:58 pm

Polar Opposites is back and this week we're talking #NBA with a final word on the #Knicks and #Nets going forward, plus is there a team that can beat the #Warriors?  #NHL playoff preview, well it's more like a #Rangers & #Islanders preview but we're talking Hockey so keep it down.  Next on to #MLB and who's had a hot start, who hasn't and when can you start to be worried about the #Mets, the answer is not yet.  Talkin a little #NFL with the #Jets getting a new left tackle after D'Brick retired and is #JoshGordon done in the league because he can't stop smoking weed?  Finally it's Closing Time where pop culture and sports collide, this week is Johnny Football done in the #NFL, Tyrod Taylors agent throwing the only coach who gave him a starting job under the bus, serve yourself 5 guys after they close plus 5 more topics. 

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