Polar Opposites Sports Talk w Matt & Craig

October 20, 2015 @ 5:21 pm

Meet the Mets as we talk everything MLB Playoffs including the Mets with a commanding lead going into game 3 we look to tonights game were again they have the pitching advantage with Degrom taking the hill.  We also talk Jays v Royals as the Jays get taken to the wood shed one day after scoring 10 runs.  Oh yeah we also have Closing Time were we take 8 topics not on the sports media radar and "talk" about them.  In the second our it's all NFL with our week 6 recap including a good win for the Jets and the Giants not showing up AGAIN in Philly, we also go around the league and talk about the great games from this past weekend.  Finally we have our NFL picks and you know the deal, you bet against us and you will win.

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