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Polar Opposites Sports Talk w/ Matt & Craig

May 4, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

#NFLDraft recap with our new segment Polar/Bi-Polar where we direct the big stories from the night, don't worry we also talk the #Giants and #Jets what we liked and what we didn't.  #NBAPlayoffs talk to us when the games start to get good especially in the West, #NHLPlayoffs with the #Islanders losing a heartbreaker last night plus some calls from a certain Pittsburgh announcer we love.  #MLB is up next we talk about the #Mets who are playing great but when should we be nervous about Harvey and for the first time in 23 years my Baseball season might be over in May with the most abysmal #Yankees offense I've seen since the early 90's. Finally as always we close out the show with Closing Time talkin Walton to the #Lakers, PED meat in Mexico and China so be careful if your an #NFL player, kid gets 69 counts of indecent exposure for showing his junk in a team photo, plus 5 more topics. 


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